Lyle Cherry Orchard, WA

This little-known gem of a hike on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge offers spectacular views of the Columbia River, amazing spring wildflowers and an old Garry oak forest of gnarled old trees. This stunning preserve is owned by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge and tops out in an old cherry orchard with a few surviving trees. The cherry orchard part is sweet, but the way to it is even sweeter. Start your hike at the unmarked trailhead just east of the tunnels near the town of Lyle. There's a parking area to the north. The first quarter mile of trail is quite steep, but once the views begin, you may not notice the incline as much. Within a half-mile the Columbia River reveals itself fully and stays with you as you climb through a diverse meadow of wildflowers (in the spring): death camas, grass widow, larkspur, glacier lilies, shooting star, locoweed and balsamroot to name a few.

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At about 1.5 miles, enter an oak forest and meander upward until you reach a junction with a dirt road. Head to the right to find the remnants of the old cherry orchard and more views over the Gorge.

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