Rodney Falls, WA - USA National Park Photography

Rodney Falls, WA

Rodney Falls which is by far the more interesting of the two major waterfalls in Beacon Rock State Park. Hardy Creek pounds over a 35 foot ledge. The falls are quite photogenic, and are otherwise viewed from a footbridge spanning Hardy Creek at the base of the falls.

Pool of Winds Water Fall B&W (1 of 1)

This creek was flowing through the colorful fall leaves that painted the forest floor.

Pool of Winds Waterfall

Hardy Creek pounds over a 35 foot ledge, into an alcove, where it has carved a deep, round pool aptly named The Pool of the Winds. From this pool, the creek exits through a crack no more than 3 feet wide, and cascades down another 45 feet over a jumbled cliff face. A precarious viewpoint has been built where the creek empties from The Pool of the Winds, allowing you to peer up into the alcove. However, when the creek is running high, be sure to bring your rain gear with the wind comes the spray.

Pool of Winds Water Fall B&W small (1 of 1)
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